When to adjust the plan

In a recent conversation with my massage therapist, who also happens to be a Boston qualifier, we were chatting about training plans. Here’s a surprise: she doesn’t have one. Yep, BQ and no plan. That being said, she has a general idea on the distance she wants to cover in a week, but is flexible on how much she gets done each day based on how she feels. She also runs 6-7 days per week. From her perspective, she just doesn’t feel balanced or prepared for a day if she doesn’t run. So her rest day might be a 5k run only.

Cut to me: No BQ, and a definite plan. I run 4 days per week and strength train 1. I take a definite 2 days of rest, because that’s what I believe I needed. I have a training plan that is strategically designed to increase speed, strength and distance over a 14 week period in preparation for a 30km race next month. I’m no Boston qualifier, and likely won’t ever be. Boston isn’t my plan, isn’t my goal. But running faster is.

This week, I thought I’d try to take a note out of my RMT’s book and decided to add a 3km run to just one of my rest days. Easy, right? Tops 18 minutes and would start my day by doing what I love. This one little more pushed my weekly mileage into the 60KM+ mark, and that’s a significant move for me.

How is this related to personal finance? Because sometimes you can have a plan, be ticking along just fine, and on track for your goals. And then you meet someone who is doing just a little bit more and achieving WAY more.

You realize that if you took just one little step more per week you could also achieve way more, way faster.

Not unrelated: I recently dumped my relationship with Tim Hortons auto-reload prepaid card because a 3 month review showed that I spent $340 at Tim Hortons!! WHAT?!! That’s an extra $28 dollars per week that I am now putting towards the almighty emergency fund.

Yay me!

Do you have an ‘extra step’ that you take to get closer to your goal? Share it with me! If it improves my running time or savings balance, I’m in!


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