Pay day!

I’ve never been so excited to have a pay day. Last week I spent more time that I should have planning and thinking about where my money was headed on Friday. Every dime, every dollar, had a ticket to a pre-determined destination.

If you remember, I’ve back-tracked to baby step #1 and am working on building the $1000 emergency fund. With this pay cheque, that emergency fund is now up to…drum roll…


One more pay cheque and I’ll be there. AND I’ll be able to start attacking the consumer debt. And then the snowball will really begin 🙂

The balance I need to is both achieving the savings and debt-repayment goals while continuing regular life. I can’t put a pause button on birthday presents, medical appointments, new running shoes. Even if that means the repayment is not as aggressive as I would like. Right?

Am I allowed new running shoes, a $150 expense, if the goal is to repay debt? Running makes me happy, and that’s important right? It’s not as hardcore as Dave Ramsey followers appear to be, but the goal isn’t worth if I’m not happy. Right?



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