It’s not you..actually, it is.

It’s not like I expected closing a credit to be a super easy process. After all, the credit card company had been making some super nice passive income on behalf of my interest payments. I can get how that might be hard to let go. But I’m not here to make them feel more comfortable.

So, when I called to break up with my Presidents Choice Mastercard I was totally honest – ” It IS you, not me. You’re too expensive and holding me back”- and didn’t expect them to take the news lightly. And they didn’t. They sucker punched me by telling me that I had over 180,000+ PC Plus points attached to the card. That’s $180 dollars of ‘FREE’ groceries, clothing, electronics “Anything you want, baby, just give me another chance!”.

If I canceled the card, the points would disappear. Is that fair? I spent the money and paid the interest in order to earn the points. Shouldn’t I get to keep the super comfy, oh-so-soft, and smells-like-him t-shirt points?

Like any too-trusting teenager, I’ve given them 5-7 days to transfer the points to my regular PC Plus card. THEN I can cancel. I should probably cancel it even if the points don’t show up.

The lure of ‘free’ goods (that I’ve already paid for in a TON of interest fees, service fees and bank fees) is stronger than I am at this point. And I could really do with some new pants for spring.

Would you let the credit card hang around just a little longer for a few free points. Are free points free if they are attached to a 19% interest rate credit card?


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