Pay Day [ep 2)

Yay! Celebrations and happiness! As of today my emergency fund balance is:


I am actually really excited about this achievement, this is my money, my cash, my hard work that is acting as a really soft, worn-in blanket for comforts sake. It wouldn’t keep me warm for long, and isn’t a fool proof solution for a down comforter, but it’ll keep me warm in an emergency until I figure out how to get out of that emergency.

So for the official update:

Emergency Fund:      $1000.01

Line of Credit:            $14,369.62

Car loan:                      $16,424.01

Some progress here, mainly on the creation of the ‘short-term’ emergency fund and slight reduction in the car loan thanks to the regular payments.

Sadly, despite minimum payments, the Line of Credit balance (which is now LOC and the old m/c combined), has crept up by $152.94. If this doesn’t prove that borrowing money keeps you in debt, I don’t know what does.

The Line of Credit should be feeling nervous – next pay cheque it starts getting hammered, hard. It should take a lesson from the master card:

MC Cut Up



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