Extra time, but no extra money!

One of things that I have a love-hate relationship is the energy I have during a taper week. I sleep like a log, my body starts to recover and feel great, and I have an increasing amount of energy that has no purpose….yet.

That extra energy means that I turn to other outlets. To-do list items  that I put aside in previous weeks, where mileage was climbing, now start to get addressed. Truth be told, I’d rather be running, but instead I’ve been working on the to-do list which I’ve purposely made to be full of cost-free activities:

  • meal prep and build up some slow-cooker freezer meals after that are now depleted
  • de-clutter the spare bedroom
  • take said clutter to the Goodwill
  • put in some extra hours at work to afford some down-time after the race
  • spend time with family members, just sitting , talking and laughing
  • spring clean the t.v. room
  • take down the Christmas lights on the tree outside…that were there before the house was purchased…13 years ago!
  • take down the Christmas lights on the outside of the house (stop judging me!)
  • Catch up on my blog reading

Today is also my last day of having a glass of wine with dinner. Having the next few days without will help me rest, hydrate and mentally prepare for the distance on Sunday. 

The happy side effect of both my extra energy for to-do items and going out the door. It’s not purposeful, but I’ll take the win.



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