The cost of racing

Whoever said running is a cheap sport was right…and clearly didn’t race. Running requires running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt. Racing is a whole other level of investment.

After running up a pretty high race tab in 2015, which including a trip to Paris (both France and Ontario!), I decided that this year my races should be more local and, hopefully, more affordable.

This past weekend I was in Hamilton for my 3rd Around the Bay 30km race. When I got home, I emptied out my wallet and realized how many receipts I had. For fun (whoopee!) I added up the costs:

Entry Fee     $70  (this is the early bird rate; I registered just days after racing last year)

Hotel             $105 (same hotel as last year, both because of the rate and because of the awesome service they provide to runners including free breakfast, run route poster, and post-run snacks and water at the hotel)

Travel           $75 (4 hour drive each way, yay for diesel!)

Meals           $60 (beer and wings after the race, don’t even try to tell me I didn’t earn it)

Total =          $310 (wowza!)

Whoa. I just paid $10.33 per km to run with over 6000 people for 30km. Nuts, right?

To date, I’ve registered for 5 races this year and have already run 2 of them. A typical year will see me run 10 races. If we did simple math:

10 races x $310 = $3100

It’s a small used car!

Not all of my races will require hotels and significant travel, and some will require one (travel) and not the other (hotel). But if this is meant to be my ‘cheap’ year of racing, I have got to get the average cost down.

On the upside , all receipts were for cash expenses. Other than the race entry, paid by credit card in the hey-days of 2015 nonchalance, everything from the weekend was paid directly out of a chequing account.

Even with the goal to rid my life of debt, I can’t rid my life of racing. I love it, it makes me happy, and gives me a sense of accomplishment. And that’s worth delaying debt-free life buy a couple of months.

What’s your hobby costing you? Did you cut back on doing what you love in order to reach a financial goal? Am I being too stubborn?


2 thoughts on “The cost of racing

  1. Racing is really expensive but it also gives you the motivation to keep moving, run/train harder, and push yourself more. Plus the race high you get after each run is AMAZING!! I am anxious to sign up for a race this year but haven’t because of my knees. Hopefully I can get past this and get to at least one race this year 🙂


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