Pay Day!(ep 4)

Alrighty, let’s get on to this stupid line of credit:

Total applied to LOC:        $750

Current LOC Balance:       $12,926.43 (Down under $13k!! Woot WOOT!)

Progress on LOC to date:  $1506

Car Loan:                                $16,424.01 -no change, and I haven’t checked the balance again. I’m thinking I will at the end of June for a mid-year check up.

I’m preparing myself for what may feel like some slow progress over the next few months – there’s no ‘small’ debt obliterate or credit card to cut up. Progress might feel slow, but as long as it’s steady the goal will be met.

I can do that. I WILL do that.

Back in February, I set myself quarterly goals. When I was doing my taxes last week (oh, the excitement of adulting!), I had a look at my Q1 goals:

1.Pay off $3000 of Visa debt and leave balance at $0  DONE

2.Move automated payments from credit card to debit card ALSO DONE

3.$1000 in emergency fund THREE FOR THREE BABY! DONE!

Goal setting, it’s what gets this girl moving.

When the Quarter 2 goals were set, I still had the Mastercard debt and hadn’t consolidate it to the LOC yet:

1. Pay off $5803 in master card debt – let’s just consider that amount the LOC reduction goal

2. Get my house rented out – DONE!

3. Figure out how much my overseas pension has it it (more than I thought!) and how much I need to put into it to stay up to date.

Some progress already, what’s not to love about that?

Do you set goals? How often? And how do you keep yourself accountable?



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