Pay Day 16

Total applied to LOC:                          $1364.40

LOC Balance as of today:                   $5678.72

Can I tell you how tightly my fingers are crossed that nothing will happen in the next 6 weeks to slow my progress? They are TIGHT.

I’ve been working on taking 5 minutes-or-so a day to send out positive vibes to the universe for advanced gratefulness for all the goodness that I am working on and will be coming my way. It’s something that I heard/read in Jen Sincero’s book (and e-book)

Hokey? Maybe, but I’ll be honest that I think it might just be working. And trust me, this is no organized super-spiritual thing going on – in fact, it sounds a little like this:

“I am grateful for everything coming my way this week – grateful for the offer we will be able to put in on the property this week- grateful for the help from X to put the offer in this week”.

Over and over again, sometimes while driving in the car. Yep, I turn the radio off and just thank the world for all that is coming my way and all that I have.

And so this week, I’m working on this pseudo-meditation. If all it does is focus my efforts, then it has to be a good thing. Being grateful for having the luxury of enough money to work with and provide a good life is definitely part of that. And yes, I’m on a high after regrouping from Februarys steps backwards (and, truthfully, the weather change and move to bare feet helps).

It might be the change of seasons, but I’m feeling more positive and optimistic about all that is yet to come this year than I have in some time. Yay!

So, here’s to a spring full of blooming opportunities..and tulips!