Pay Day 15 (the one after the extended break)

Total applied to LOC:                              $1200

LOC Balance as of today:                   $6799.99

Applied to Emergency Fund:                   $1000 – I’m mentioning this because the fund was depleted, past $0, in the last few weeks. Cars, ugh.

Ok, deep breath and reset. Here. We. Go.

Making steady progress with the $1200 payment to the loan, refurbished emergency fund and still with some $$ in the bank. Feeling a little more stable than I have in a couple of weeks.

That instability was unsettling – I hadn’t felt that since before I started this journey. At Christmas this year, I mentioned to my partner-in-crime how great it felt to a) have a great Christmas and b) have paid it all in cash. This was not how I had done Christmas before, and man does it ever feel good to give when you have something to give.

However, just like the 20 degree weather 2 weeks ago (oh my – the bare white skin that was exposed by the ever-so eager Canadian!), against the -10 weather and snow squall today (WHERE are my mittens?!), the $2600 car repair bill in the last 2 weeks was a sharp reminder that I’m not yet out of the woods and am perilously close to losing all that I have gained in the last year.

This appears to be a theme for me at the moment. Last November I attempted my 3rd full marathon…attempted and failed. It was devastating, a true-setback in my mental well-being and confidence in what my body could achieved. I had put the training in, felt great (and a little emotional) on the morning of the race, the weather was perfect, the course a net down-hill – this should have been a PR in the making.

Alas, it was not to be. I’ll leave out the details, but in short my stomach could not stomach the race. After the first aid team circled me asking if I was ok, and I faked a very optimistic ‘YEP!’, I hit the next aid station and called it quits. Cried in the pick-up van on the way back to the finish line. Cried when I saw my boyfriend…and then cried when I saw my parents who had come to surprise me at the finish line of what should have/could have been a PR. That sucked.

After licking my wounds for a few days, making grandiose suggestions of ‘never again!’, I couldn’t resist the pull of my running shoes. There they sat, looking at me like forgotten puppies. They had done nothing wrong, I had done nothing wrong. That day was just not my day. And so, I re-set. And am still re-setting. Content(ish) to go back to half-marathon distance training and races. It works in my schedule, my commute, my family life. And still achieves my goals of being fit, healthy and achieving personal targets.

And so, just like the training, my debt repayment hit a blip. Delayed my end-date, moved my target, and made me re-think the goal. Which, as it turns out, is still the goal. This is good news, and so all I have to do is re-set the training/debt-repayment to make the goal. So easy!! (hahahahahaha!)

As always, the reminder is to tell your money where to go, and then make sure it goes there.  

Left foot, right foot, repeat until you hit the goal.





Pay day!

I’ve never been so excited to have a pay day. Last week I spent more time that I should have planning and thinking about where my money was headed on Friday. Every dime, every dollar, had a ticket to a pre-determined destination.

If you remember, I’ve back-tracked to baby step #1 and am working on building the $1000 emergency fund. With this pay cheque, that emergency fund is now up to…drum roll…


One more pay cheque and I’ll be there. AND I’ll be able to start attacking the consumer debt. And then the snowball will really begin 🙂

The balance I need to is both achieving the savings and debt-repayment goals while continuing regular life. I can’t put a pause button on birthday presents, medical appointments, new running shoes. Even if that means the repayment is not as aggressive as I would like. Right?

Am I allowed new running shoes, a $150 expense, if the goal is to repay debt? Running makes me happy, and that’s important right? It’s not as hardcore as Dave Ramsey followers appear to be, but the goal isn’t worth if I’m not happy. Right?