I need new running shoes!

And a hair cut, and an oil change, and my club dues are, well, due. I think I’m having spending withdrawal symptoms. Is this what it feels like when you quit cold turkey?

Is there a cosmic reason that everything on my ‘want’ list is about $150 dollars? A total of $600 which I KNOW would be better placed against the debt ($14,306.19, still). I want to see the debt  GONE.

And I need a side gig – one that I can do from home. I need to see more progress and struggling with how to do that in my already busy schedule. I work 50+ hours per week, spend about 5-7 hours running, and of course have all the domestic duties of regular adult-hood. If I’m going to carve out time to improve my situation and work for myself an hour a day, I’ll need to be able to see a return.

What sort of side gig can I do from home? Can I find one that is running related? Because that would be the best. Even better if I could grow it into a full-time gig.

But let’s start with just a side gig. What’s your side-hustle? How long have you been doing it? Is it location independent?